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  • Bootstrapping Solutions of Scattering Equations
  • Zhengwen Liu and Xiaoran Zhao
    arXiv:1810.00384, submitted to X [inSPIRE]

  • A note on connected formula for form factors
  • Song He and Zhengwen Liu
    arXiv:1608.04306, JHEP 1612 (2016) 006 [inSPIRE]

  • Scattering Equations, Twistor-string Formulas and Double-soft Limits in Four Dimensions
  • Song He, Zhengwen Liu and Jun-Bao Wu
    arXiv:1604.02834, JHEP 1607 (2016) 060 [inSPIRE]

  • M5-branes in AdS\({}_4 \times Q^{1,1,1}\) spacetime
  • De-Sheng Li, Zheng-Wen Liu, Jun-Bao Wu and Bin Chen
    arXiv:1406.1892, Phys. Rev. D 90 (2014) 066005 [inSPIRE]