SM EFT & Phenomenology

  • 1610.00710     Covariant diagrams for one-loop matching
    Zhengkang Zhang
    The presentation is nice and pedagogical. The technique of covariant diagrams proposed by the author my be useful to develop an automatic framework for calculating Wilson coefficients. The paper also provides a good one-page review on the latest developments on the one-loop matching.
  • 1610.01618     On the interpretation of triple gauge coupling measurements in W pair production
    Zhengkang Zhang
  • 1607.02142     Integrating out heavy particles with functional methods: a simplified framework
    J. Fuentes-Martin, J. Portoles and P. Ruiz-Femenia
  • 1610.00150     Higgs Potential from Derivative Interactions
    A. Quadri

Scattering Amplitudes

  • 1609.08627     Positivity, Grassmannian Geometry and Simplex-like Structures of Scattering Amplitudes
    Junjie Rao
    Junjie has published independently a very nice paper with a huge volume. There are many fascinating mathematical structures in \(\mathcal{N}\!=\!4\) super-Yang-Mills amplitudes. I am also interested in the interaction of physics and mathematics, especially the applications of modern mathematical techniques in calculating amplitudes and cross sections in QFT.
  • 1609.09127     Origin of Soft Limits from Nonlinear Supersymmetry in Volkov-Akulov Theory
    R. Kallosh, A. Karlsson, and D. Murli
  • 1609.09123     Nonlinear (Super)Symmetries and Amplitudes
    R. Kallosh
    Two very interesting papers by Renata Kallosh and/or her collaborators discuss the nonlinear symmetry and SUSY in Volkov–Akulov theory and its maximally supersymmetric extension, \(\mathcal{N}\!=\!4\) super Dirac-Born-Infeld-Volkov-Akulov theory. In a recent paper [1604.02834], I have proposed the ambitwistor-string formula of tree amplitudes and derive universal double soft limits in DBI-VA, in collaboration with Song and Junbao. Renata has used our results and studied the hidden coset structure. “The non-vanishing of the double-soft limit is due to a non-commutative nature of the spontaneously broken symmetry generators”.
  • 1609.09159     Three-loop vacuum integrals with arbitrary masses
    Ayres Freitas
  • 1609.09111     Efficient Evaluation of Massive Mellin–Barnes Integrals
    J. Gluza, T. Jelinski, D. A. Kosower

Review Papers & Lecture Notes

  • 1609.06941     Theory Vision, LHCP 2016
    Frank Wilczek
    The Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek gives his perspective on promising directions for high energy physics in coming years at LHCP Conference 2016.
  • 1609.09523     Minimal lectures on two-dimensional conformal field theory
    Sylvain Ribault